Location description

As an iconic SUP Destination – Flinders Ocean Beach is one of the most beautiful spots on the southern Mornington Peninsula.

Facing the open oceans of Bass Strait, Flinders Ocean Beach is home to the Mushroom Reef Marine National Park and offers options for everyone from beginners who want to try SUP for the first time, to world-class waves that will challenge experienced SUP surfers.

When the wind is from the North East to North West, then drive through the Flinders Golf Course and you’ll find yourself at Flinders Ocean Beach – Mushroom Reef.   Despite facing the open ocean, this spot is an ideal SUP location for beginners when the tide is low because the exposed reefs create a barrier to the ocean swells and the often crystal clear waters means there’s always lots to see – from amazing seagrass and kelp beds to fish, rays and even dolphins.

At high tide, the reefs are covered and the swells roll in un-impeded, creating a roller-coaster paddling environment – ideal if want to test your skills and balance.

Intermediate to experienced SUP surfers can head out beyond the inner reefs to a surf break that provides waves that break to the left and right – depending on the direction of the swell.

This is an open ocean location and is not for the in-experienced or the faint-hearted.  Also make sure your equipment is in good shape – especially leg ropes as it’s a long swim back if you break your leash.

If the winds are from the South East to South West, then head for Flinders Cove, near the Flinders Pier if you want to get in the water.

About Flinders

The town was named by George Bass after his friend, the explorer and British naval officer Captain Matthew Flinders. Settlement commenced in 1854 and many pioneers and settlers are buried at the Flinders cemetery.
Features of the town include the Flinders Golf Club, a picturesque golf course built on a cliff top, a recreation reserve, a small yacht club, and a 250 metres (820 ft) long pier out from the protected beach, sheltered from the waters of Bass Strait by West Head. This area is popular for sailing, fishing, and other watersports including SUP.
On the southern side of West Head, the ocean breaks over the basalt rocks of Mushroom Reef Marine Sanctuary at Flinders ocean beach. Mushroom Reef hosts one of Victoria’s best intertidal and subtidal rock platform reefs, popular for beachcombing, diving, snorkeling, surfing and stand up paddle boarding.