Location description

As a SUP Destination – Blairgowrie – is one of the best spots on the southern beaches of Port Phillip for beginners and cruisers!  Located between Sorrento and Rye, Blairgowrie is one of thew many popular holiday destinations for Melbournians along this narrow peninsula strip, with great cafes and a busy and popular Yacht Squadron.

Bordered on one side by Port Phillip and on the other by the wild southern ocean of Bass Strait, a series of surf beaches interspersed with spectacular cliffs and rocky ledges provide for some spectacular coastal walks.

The area between the Blairgowrie Yacht Squadron and Cameron’s Bight provides calm conditions for beginners, when the winds are from the South West to South East.

In summer, the area gets busy with yachting events and campers on the foreshore, but paddling conditions are ideal for families and beginners.

The area from the Yacht Squadron to Sullivan’s Bay provides a great training run for those getting into shape for the SUP race season, or to practice downwind techniques.