Location description

As a SUP Destination – Flinders,  situated at the most south-eastern point of the Mornington Peninsula overlooking the entrance to Western Port and the open ocean of Bass Strait is one of our favourite locations.

It offers options for everyone from beginners who want to try SUP for the first time, to world-class waves that will challenge experienced SUP surfers.

When the wind is from the West or South West, the sheltered waters of Flinders Cove – by the iconic Flinders Pier – provide an idea location for beginners to take to the water for the first time.

At low tide, there are lots of exposed reefs, so a little care is needed to make sure you don’t fun aground!  Best conditions are mid to high tide.  The water is often crystal clear, so you’ll be paddling over seagrass beds and often see all kinds of sea life – from little fish to larger seals which often cruise over from Phillip Island’s Sea Rocks.

Intermediate SUP surfers can head out past West Head to a fun wave that can run for up to 200 metres.  The ocean swells wrap around the point and create fun waves that break on a mixture of rock reef, sand and seagrass.  This wave is best on a mid-tide and breaks over sand and reef, so it’s advisable to wear booties if you are learning to catch waves for the first time.

If the wind is blowing in excess of 20kts from the South West, there’s a great downwind run for experienced paddlers from Flinders and finishing up at Pt Leo.