Location description

A family and dog friendly SUP Destination – The north end of Safety beach is just off the Mornington Peninsula freeway. Apart from locals and dog lovers this is a little know beach but a fabulous paddling location. The “Dog Beach” as it is colloquially know gets its name as it is leash free beach for dogs.  Its easy to drive straight past this beach without even knowing that it is there. To the south the beach is obscured from view  and protected by the marine wall of Martha Cove. To the North the beach is obscured and more importantly protected by the by the cliffs that lead up to the area know as Mt Martha. For anyone other than Australians and those that live in deserts, deltas or atolls it is stretch to understand why the name of the area to the north is prefixed by the word “Mt” however the sharp rise in land mass forms a handy barrier to the strong winds that can originate from the north.

Except for winds from the west or strong winds from the south west it is hard to imagine a better paddling location especially for beginners. With the protection that is offered by the sea wall to the south and the cliffs to the north there is fantastic near shore paddling, great for the kids, novice paddlers and technical skill work.

Once you venture past the near shore area, the water depth drops off quite sharply. To the north there is fantastic paddling along the rocky shoreline that stretches in westerly direction for over a kilometer. This stretch of water is completely protected from the any wind that originates to the north.

As this is the entrance to Martha Cove and has relatively deep water close to shore, paddler will need to keep an eye out for the many yachts and motor cruisers that also like to more near the cliffs when the northerly winds come up.