SUP leash – Balin storm rider – knee 9ft

///SUP leash – Balin storm rider – knee 9ft
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SUP leash – Balin storm rider – knee 9ft


Designed for the SUP surfers enjoys more challenging surf.  Key features of the leashes include:

  •  jumbo 10mm polyurethane chord
  • double swivel attachments
  • strengthened swivel attachments
  • tail saver
  • ankle or knee strap models
  • Also available in 7ft, 8ft,  9ft, 10ft and 15ft (Hand tied) or custom lengths.

Note : Knee strap configuration – see also ankle configuration

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Product Description

SUP leash for the serious SUP Surfer

Choose Balin storm rider if ;

  • You enjoy SUP surfing and like going out in more challenging waves
  • Want a leash that is shorter and less prone to getting tangled
  • Want a SUP leash that has a light feel when you are on a wave

Balin Storm rider features

  • Available in a range of lengths 7ft, 8ft, 9ft and 10ft
  • Available in either a ankle or knee strap
  • Heavy duty chord and fittings


review and tip by the SUP guruThe Balin Storm riders SUP leash has been specifically designed for serious SUP surfers who want to challenge themselves in bigger and tougher surf conditions. We’ve tried and tested these leashes in some pretty heavy surf on the Mornington Peninsula here in Victoria and they’ve come through with flying colours. Key features of the leashes include:

  • made from jumbo 10mm polyurethane chord
  • double swivel attachments
  • strengthened swivel attachments
  • tail saver
  • ankle or knee strap models
  • Available 9ft, 10ft and 15ft or custom lengths.

If you enjoy SUP surfing in heavier conditions and want equipment that’s reliable, then this is the leash for you. Apart from the increased strength of the chord the one of the key benefits of these SUP leashes is just how little you notice them when you are out on the water.  This is a result of the reduce overall length of the leash and the way the leashes cut through the water. Priced at $70 inc GST for the 9ft model and $78 for the 15ft Model these SUP surf leashes are in stock now and can be ordered by clicking here. Check out some cool SUP surfing and the SUP leash getting a bit of a stress test.

Dogman Does Bells from Rob Dog on Vimeo.

Important notes:

  • While these leashes have been designed for bigger and more powerful surf conditions never relay solely on leash. If you don’t feel comfortable in the conditions or can’t handle the swim in if your leash does break don’t go out!
  • All leashes are susceptible to nicks. We recommend;
    • taking the leash off after each surf so there is less chance of nicking the leash on the back of a fin or other sharp surfaces.
    • Inspecting the leash for nicks before and after each SUP surf
    • Storing the leash away from surfaces that cause nicks.
  • Being conscious of trying to curl into a ball and falling away from the board. If it is safe you should extend your leg and body position to try and take a bit of the strain off the leash when riding bigger waves.
  • Be prepared to get dragged when you come off. SUPs have a much bigger surface area and therefore the wave can impart a lot more force on to the board putting a lot more strain on the leash

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