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The best Race board SUPs for sale

Race boards

Designed to cut through the water and provide maximum distance coverage with each paddle stroke. A key decisions in selecting a race board is what length? Your options are, under 12ft6, 12ft6 14ft or longer. How stable? The more stable, generally the less efficient the board is to paddle. What kind of construction? You choices are carbon fiber or something not quite as light but a little more affordable. Our range includes Carbon fiber, molded EPS vacuum epoxy laminated, or Soft- top.

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The best watermanSUPs for sale

Waterman SUPs

Waterman (or waterwomen) SUPs perform well in the full range of conditions the ocean has to offer, even the extremes. You won’t win a race on one of these types of boards but you are going to have hours of fun out there on the water. Waterman class boards can do it all, paddle distances efficiently, go downwind, and ride well on waves. Key decisions on waterman class boards are what length, how thick, and the kind of rail and outline profile you want depending on the amount of surfing you want to do with these boards.

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The best all round SUPs for sale

All roundres

All round SUPs are great first board. They are a class of recreational boards and perform well in a range of water conditions including flatwater paddling or riding small waves. The best SUPs in the all rounder class are stable, light and still have reasonable glide with each stroke. Key decision in selecting an all-rounder board are. Budget? Entry level or something that will perform better and last longer. How much wave riding do you want to do? How stable? Super stable, stable of something designed more for the surf.

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SUP Surf boards

The best sup surf starter SUPs for sale

Surf Starter

A big part of getting started with SUP surfing is choosing the right SUP board. The best Surf starter SUPs paddle well, are reasonably stable and have a side profile (nose and tail rocker) and rail shape that makes them more forgiving when catching waves and doing turns once on the wave. The best Surf starter for you will depend on you height and weight, your paddling ability and your budget.

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Surf performance

These boards are designed to find the balance between their paddling stability their stability while waiting for waves and their on wave performance. Some of the best surf performance SUPs also double as excellent Surf Starter SUPs. The best Surf performance SUP for you will depend on you height and weight, and the kind of conditions you want to surf in and waves you want to ride.

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The best sup surf pro SUPs for sale

Surf Pro

The boards are designed with just one thing in mind, that is on wave performance. A big part of riding these boars is about being able to stay on them in the line up, and while paddling out, and catching waves, particularly in conditions that aren’t perfect. The best Surf performance SUP for you will depend on you height and weight, and the kind of conditions you want to surf in and waves you want to ride.

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Specialty SUPs 

The best SUPs for the larger Paddler for sale

King size SUPs

The boards are designed with the larger paddler or the paddler that requires the extra stability in a SUP. King size SUPs prioritise stability and flotation over anything else. Some of these boards also make excellent platforms for distance touring or on board SUP activities such as fishing .

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Crossover SUPs

The boards are designed to be part distance / race board and part wave riding board. These boards paddle well, as they have lots of glide. They are stable in a broad range of conditions even when the weather isn’t perfect. They also ride well on waves.

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The best ladies SUPs for sale

Ladies SUPs

Designed with the female paddler in mind these boards are generally lighter, have less flotation and a bit smaller. Oh yes some of these models also have decals and appearances with the ladies in mind. The best Ladies SUP for you will depend on the kind of paddling you want to do.

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The best budget SUPs for sale

Budget SUPs

Designed to get you out on the water without breaking the bank. Despite the low price tags on these boards they don’t comprise on quality or performance. The boards in our budget range either have less polished finishes cutting down on manufacturing time or constructed using unique manufacturing process and materials.

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The best kids SUPs for sale


These boards are designed specifically with kids in mind. The best kids SUPs have reduced floatation to ensure the kids don’t get blown around as much when the wind comes up, are narrower so the kids can maintain a technically correct paddling technique and are lighter to enable kids to handle the boards on their own.

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2nd hand Inflatable SUPs for sale


As the name implies, inflatable SUPs start off as compact, durable and easy to store and handle packages. Fill them up with air and end up with durable SUP that paddle surprisingly well. Inflatable SUPs come in a range of designs and are ideal when space, transportation and impact resistance are key considerations.

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