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SUP Peak performance

SUP training and coaching to take your skills to the next level!

If you’re a SUP enthusiast looking to take your performance to the next level, you’ve come to the right place. Few if any can match our sport science background, passion, experience, network of elite SUP athletes and know how, to get your SUP performance to the next level. Our SUP training and coaching services include paddle technique, race and distance paddling,  distance and downwind paddling.  See how we can help take your SUP fun, enjoyment and paddling to the next level.

Refine skills

Take your SUP performance to the next level

Improve performance

Harness the power of exercise science and the latest video analysis and coaching techniques to improve your on water performance.

SUP Surfing

Ride faster, turn harder!

Ride faster, turn harder

We have access to a range of locations ideal for SUP surf coaching. Sessions include video analysis and on-water training.

Race / Distance paddling

Train smarter, go faster !

Train smarter, go faster !

1 on 1 and group sessions to help you achieve peak SUP performance.

SUP Downwind

Catch more, ride further

Catch more, ride further

Our training spots include a unique range of environments to improve your Downwind SUP paddling skills!

SUP training and coaching to get the best from you and your SUP

Take your SUP skills to the next level.   With personalised video analysis and one-to-one coaching sessions, we’ll get you ready for that SUP surf trip overseas, downwind race or long distance paddle.

Why Choose Us

  • Exercise science background (BSc – University of Melbourne)
  • SUP is all we do – but we do it all and we do it well
  • Accredited SUP school with ASI
  • Accredited SUP instructors
  • A network of elite SUP athletes – in Australia and overseas
  • A range of fantastic locations
  • A range of equipment to suit all ages, abilities and interests

What Clients Say

I was reminded recently that nobody, not even elite athletes, can improve without technical coaching and so I contacted Jeff for help with my SUP technique. I thought I was doing OK but soon realised how much there always is to learn. Through Jeff’s coaching my technique for efficient, effective paddling has improved significantly and I now have the thought processes that I take to every practice session. My racing results have improved noticeably. Still a long way to go but now I have a technical base to hopefully be a real competitor!
Paul Gaynor, via email

Peak performance on a SUP

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